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    What University is Bocconi?

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    What University is Bocconi?

    What University is Bocconi?

    Luigi Bocconi Commercial University The Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, better known as Bocconi University or UniBocconi, is a private university in Milan, founded in 1902 and specialized in teaching economic and social, legal, managerial and political sciences.

    How much does the Bocconi annual tuition cost?

    In particular, the one-year tuition at Bocconi is just over € 5000 for families with an Isee of less than € 60000, greater than € 8000 for Isee between € 60.0.000 and greater than € 11.000 for families with an income over € 100.000.

    How much does it cost to take a master's degree at Bocconi?

    13.800 Euros The participation fee for the Master in Organization and Personnel for the year 2022 is equal to 13.800 Euros (plus administrative tax, 32.00 Euros) to be paid in 4 installments as follows: first installment: 2.532,00 Euros (including 32 Euros stamp duty ) for online enrollment (*) second installment: € 3.020,00 by 22.

    Who built Bocconi?

    Ferdinando Bocconi The Milanese entrepreneur Ferdinando Bocconi founds the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University, in memory of his eldest son who died in 1896 during the battle of Adua. In Largo Notari (Piazza Statuto) the first seat of the University was built, based on an architectural project by Eng. Giorgio Dugnani.
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