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    What types of journalism are there?

    What types of journalism are there?

    What types of journalism are there?

    The types of journalism that exist and you can throw yourself into are:
    • Newspapers.
    • Feminine and fashion.
    • Specialized magazines.
    • Sporty.
    • Scientific.
    • Of investigation.
    • Radio or television.
    • Sent or correspondent.

    Who is a journalist?

    Only those who have completed at least 18 months of internship in an editorial office under the direction of other professionals can become professional journalists. Subsequently they must pass a written and oral state exam; by law the examining commission must be chaired by a magistrate.

    What kind of text is used to make newspapers *?

    Journalistic style is the prose style of short articles for newspapers and television news, news and radio news agencies.

    What chronicles exist?

    The White Chronicle concerns the political and administrative events of the city, a city council for example. The Black Chronicle deals with the facts of blood, misfortunes and crimes. The Judicial Chronicle follows the criminal trials and the activities of the magistrates.

    What can't a reporter do?

    The journalist cannot write articles or news relating to shares on which the stock market trend has a direct or indirect financial interest, nor can he sell or buy shares he is professionally dealing with or has to deal with in the short term.

    What does the freelance journalist do?

    The freelance journalist is a professional of the word enrolled in the Register of Journalists, in the professional or publicist list, who is not hired with a journalistic contract, but: he is an external collaborator for some online and offline newspapers. carries out press office activities for companies and public administrations.

    How to get a journalist's card?

    To register as a freelance journalist, it is necessary to document, in accordance with the law, the carrying out of a continuous and paid journalistic activity for at least two years at a newspaper, regardless of the type of publication (online, radio and television or print).

    What is the crime story?

    News that has no particular connotations, neither negative nor positive, is called white chronicle (opening of a public office, inauguration of a sports complex, etc.). Information of an administrative and civic nature belongs to this sector.

    What is a news article?

    The news article is generally presented as a short text, which informs about facts considered of interest to all readers; it talks about crime news for facts of violence, white news for events that concern the community, gossip for the gossip about the so-called "VIPs", of the news ...
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