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    What to write after a fight?

    What to write after a fight?

    What to write after a fight?

    Here are 10 (effective) on what to write after a fight and make peace .... 10 sentences to write to make peace
    1. "Sorry" ...
    2. "I love you" ...
    3. "I listen to you" ...
    4. "What I wanted to say…" ...
    5. "I know I was wrong" ...
    6. "I want to be with you" ...
    7. "What do you think?" ...
    8. "I did not want to hurt you"

    How to apologize to a man phrases?

    The phrases to apologize to her / him I will not apologize because they would be just words in the wind, rather I will show you with facts that I have really changed! I apologize if I made you suffer, maybe I was just afraid of feeling so much love as I never felt before… Forgive me!

    What to write to an angry friend?

    Decide what you will say. "I have to apologize for what I did." "I'm sorry for what I said the other day." "I owe you an apology for the way I behaved." "I want to apologize for the way I treated you."

    What to do to be forgiven by a friend?

    1) Try to understand why you argued and try to talk to her to understand her reasons. 2) Surprise her or send her a gift in the mail with a text message if she doesn't want to hear from you. 3) Apologize directly, never over the phone or text, emphasizing how important she is to you.

    How to clarify after a quarrel?

    First, you need to tell the person that you want to talk to them to clarify what happened. If she is reticent, it means she still needs some more time. If he agrees, however, the best thing is to look for a different place than usual, which is quiet.

    How to be forgiven by your girlfriend?

    1. Don't keep saying you're sorry. ...
    2. Don't do crazy things, like punching a wall or hurting yourself. ...
    3. Never tell a girl that you find her sexy, because she won't appreciate it; rather, she tells her that she is very beautiful.
    4. Don't rush to get an answer regarding his forgiveness.
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