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    What to tattoo in the groin?

    What to tattoo in the groin?

    What to tattoo in the groin?

    The most chosen groin tattoos are precisely small symbols and designs such as stars, arrows, hearts, butterflies, embroidery, musical notes, kittens and much more. The most daring even prefer dates, initials or even names of boyfriends or companions.

    How much does a groin tattoo cost?

    How much does it cost to get a groin tattoo? Like all small tattoos, the cost to make a tattoo in the groin area is not exorbitant. As always, it is essential to rely on a professional tattoo artist, who normally shouldn't ask for less than € 80-100 for a tattoo, even a small one.

    How much does a groin tattoo hurt?

    First answer: it doesn't hurt The groin is actually an area of ​​the body where there is enough muscle mass and enough fat and the anatomy of the area we have decided to tattoo has a lot to do with the pain we will experience. ... This means that you will experience less pain, and that the tattoo will be more than bearable.

    How to tell if a tattoo hurts?

    If the fear is too great and you need a boost in that regard then you could represent tattoo pain with something known as an electric epilator, a continuous itch, or a long-term stinging.
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