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    What to put behind the sofa in the middle of the room?

    What to put behind the sofa in the middle of the room?

    What to put behind the sofa in the middle of the room?

    If the sofa is in the center of the room, you can build a small low cabinet, also called a buffet, to place things, books or simply to act as a shoulder and not show off the back of the sofa (which is not always beautiful).

    Where to put the sofa in the living room?

    The sofa must be positioned in front of the wall with the TV and there must be enough space for comfortable viewing and the passage or stop of guests. There must be no dining table between the sofa and the television.

    How to place sofa with chaise longue?

    If you have a long and narrow living room, no one forbids you to place your sofa with chaise longue by creating two passage corridors in front and behind: this arrangement emphasizes the length of the room without limiting the various paths.

    How to embellish the wall behind the sofa?

    What to put on the wall behind the sofa
    1. Shelves. A creative and original choice is to install a single shelf on the wall, above the sofa, which acts as a support for paintings and photos of different sizes. ...
    2. Paintings. ...
    3. Lights. ...
    4. Mirror. ...
    5. Textile furniture. ...
    6. Bookshelf. ...
    7. Wallpaper.

    How to place a chaise longue?

    If, on the other hand, the chaise longue is the classic elongated single-seater armchair, it is preferable that it is positioned in a dedicated area of ​​the room, for example, next to a coffee table with a lamp.

    How to place 2 sofas?

    L-shaped sofa arrangement The open part of the L should be positioned in front of the focal point such as the TV, the fireplace or the panoramic view. To get the L you can place the two sofas side by side, both directed towards the focal point.

    How to decorate the walls of a living room?

    How to embellish your living room
    1. We paint the walls with new colors and decorations.
    2. We change curtains and carpets.
    3. Let's modify the lighting elements and the illuminated areas.
    4. We choose plants for the different environments.
    5. We change the arrangement of the furniture or try to make details with DIY.

    What can I put on the sofa wall?

    Among the most classic methods to embellish the wall behind the sofa there is certainly the bookcase. If the size of the room allows it, you can even think about filling the entire facade with books. Otherwise, you can opt for suspended or minimal style bookcases.

    How to arrange a sofa and an armchair?

    Ideally, for conversation, one should sit frontally and then position the sofas and armchairs facing each other. Between the seats you can place a living room table or a nice rectangular pouf, in order to have a support for a tray with chocolates or drinks.

    How to arrange furniture in a living room?

    In arranging the furniture in the living room, he takes advantage of the balance and proportions of the room, and of the furniture itself: he plays with shapes, alternating furnishings of different sizes. You can, for example, rebalance a large piece of furniture with two smaller ones, or create a contrast by using a tall floor lamp and a pendant.
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