What to eat before doing the morphology?

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What to eat before doing the morphology?

What to eat before doing the morphology?

The morphological ultrasound does not foresee any particular preparation rules. However, the patient's informed consent is required before the examination is performed. Usually, there is no need to fast, nor do you need to drink before the examination, as required in pelvic ultrasound scans.

How long does the morphological forum last?

In fact, it allows you to examine all the organs of the fetus, from head to toe. Precisely for this reason it is the ultrasound that lasts longer, about 20-30 minutes, practically double compared to the others.

How is the morphological ultrasound performed?

The morphological ultrasound is performed as a classic ultrasound examination of the abdomen at a private specialist's office or at the ASL of belonging, in order to evaluate the size of the fetus, to verify its anatomical normality and to highlight some ultrasound markers for any alterations chromosomal.

Which malformations are not seen with the morphology?

It will absolutely not be possible to diagnose malconformative pathologies whose onset is late (eg: neoplasms and some infections in the uterus) or those in which the morphological defect is manifested only in the advanced stages of pregnancy (eg some bone dysplasias and some microcephaly) ...

What do they tell you about the morphology?

The morphological ultrasound involves the evaluation of the size of the fetus (fetal biometry), the implant and the structure of the placenta, the quantity of amniotic fluid, the cervix, but above all provides an analytical study of all the anatomical areas that can be explored in the fetus.

Where to do the morphological ultrasound in Rome?

Specialists in morphological ultrasound in Rome
  • Dr. Paolo D'Alessio. Save. ...
  • Dr. Mariapia Santomauro. Save. Gynecologist. ...
  • Dr. Luigi Cirillo. Save. ...
  • Dr. Entela Hyseni. Save. Gynecologist. ...
  • Dr. Roberta Vicario. Save. ...
  • Dr. Fabio Manganelli. ...
  • Dr. Michelina Vitagliano. Save. ...
  • Dr. Monica Martinelli. Save.
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