What telephone area code is 055?

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What telephone area code is 055?

What telephone area code is 055?

Florence of Florence. The links on the area codes search for all locations with the same telephone area code. Area codes used: 055, 0571 .... Telephone area codes in the city metr. from Florence.
Barberino di Mugello055
Barberino Tavarnelle055
Borgo San Lorenzo055

What prefix is ​​0052?

phone numbers in Mexico (international prefix "52") must include the number "1" after "+52", even if they are Nextel numbers.

What telephone area code is 0131?

Alessandria 0131 is the telephone area code for the Alessandria district, belonging to the Turin department.

What number is 0131 306?

Asl AL: activate the telephone numbers to book vaccinations
DistrictPhone Number
Alexandria-Valencia0131 306 999
Casale Monferrato0131 865 999
Acqui Terme - Ovada Area Acqui Terme Area Ovada01-01 01 - 01
Novi Ligure - Tortona01
1 other line
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