What telephone area code is 028?

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What telephone area code is 028?

What telephone area code is 028?

A little help to those who need to understand where the call is coming from: the prefix 028 is activated for “internal” calls to Northern Ireland.

What prefix is ​​027?

The journey comune
Time zone+1 UTC
Codice OFS6195

Where is the prefix 044?

Prefixes 044 (start) The area codes of Vicenza and surroundings (Veneto). From Arsiero to Zugliano. The municipalities are part of the Province of Vicenza (Veneto).

What are the suspicious numbers?

The alert was re-launched by Giovanni D'Agata, president of the "Rights Desk", who indicated some of the numbers that absolutely must not be answered if we receive a call or a text message: +375602605281, +37127913091, +37178565072, + 56322553736, +37052529259, +255901130460 or any number starting with ...

What number is +39 119?

Ref .: Call from 39199 should be an automatic Tim number (robocall) that is made either after your call to 119 to request assistance, or after your call to verify the condition of your call (you were outdoors / closed - clear / noisy phone call .... etc).
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