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    What's the weather like in Agrigento all week?

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    What's the weather like in Agrigento all week?

    What's the weather like in Agrigento all week?

    AGRIGENTO weather ▷ Forecasts up to 15 days
    TimeTimeT (°C)
    23:10no rainfall

    What will August be like in Sicily?

    During the month of August, the maximum temperature is 86 ° F and the minimum temperature is 83 ° F (for an average temperature of 85 ° F). The climate is very hot in this city in the month of august. ... Thanks to its perfect weather, August is a very recommended month to visit Palermo in Sicily.

    How low are the temperatures in Sicily?

    SICILY Weather - Forecasts up to 15 days
    CityTimeT max
    PalermoRain and sunny intervals25 ° C
    Ragusascattered clouds with isolated thunderstorms25 ° C
    SIRACUSAstorm and clear spells27 ° C
    Trapanipartly cloudy with isolated rains24 ° C

    How cold is it on Etna?

    of altitude the temperature is normally about 20/30 degrees in summer, 0/10 degrees in winter, 10/20 degrees in spring, 10/15 degrees in autumn.

    When does it start to get hot in Sicily?

    The island is sensitive to the sirocco, the hot wind from Africa, which can bring temperatures equal to or higher than 20 degrees in winter and 40 degrees in summer. From June to August, during the most intense siroccate, the temperature reached values ​​of 43 ° C in Messina and 44/45 ° C in Trapani, Palermo and Catania.
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