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    What's in front of Djibouti?

    What's in front of Djibouti?

    What's in front of Djibouti?

    Crossword solution
    It is opposite Djibouti4 lettersAden

    Where does the course end?

    Where the course ends - Solutions for crosswords and crosswords.
    Where the course ends4mouth
    1 other line

    Who are the people across the street?

    opposite], fam. - Who is opposite, who lives in the house or apartment opposite: we are d .; courted the pretty woman opposite him. ... - [person who lives in the house or apartment opposite] ≈ (region.) coast.

    When is it used in the face of?

    This phrase is used when we want to indicate the opposite side of something, which is opposite, the opposite side, but also opposite in the opposite sense.

    Who has the function of subject?

    as a function of subject, predicate and compl., with the sense of "which person, which people", referring both to identity, and to the quality and state of the person: who is? Who has played? Who is the culprit? , who does he think he is?; I don't know who you're talking about; I don't understand who you want to refer to; who could have imagined it !; to ...
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