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    What role is Sergio Ramos?

    What role is Sergio Ramos?

    What role is Sergio Ramos?

    Defender Sergio Ramos / Position Sergio Ramos is officially a PSG player. In a statement, the Ligue 1 club announced the hiring of the 35-year-old Spanish defender, who has signed a contract until 2023.

    How old is Sergio Ramos the Real Madrid player?

    When his contract expires, Sergio Ramos' extraordinary parable with Real ends after 16 years. The 35-year-old Spanish defender's palmares include 5 victories in the Spanish Liga, 4 Champions League, 4 Club World Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 4 Spanish Super Cups and 2 King's Cups.

    Where will Sergio Ramos move to?

    PARIS (France) - Agreement made between Sergio Ramos and Paris Saint-Germain: according to the French sports daily l'Equipe, the former Real Madrid captain will move to the Parisian club.

    Why did Sergio Ramos leave Real Madrid?

    Marca, the Spanish newspaper according to which the farewell was announced, explains them. And due to the economic distance between the parties on the renewal: Florentino would have a lower proposal, something that did not go down to the blanca legend. The uncertainty of the merengues' sporting project, according to Ramos, did the rest.

    How many children does Sergio Ramos have?

    Alejandro Ramos Rubio Marco Ramos RubioSergio Ramos RubioMáximo Adriano Ramos Rubio Sergio Ramos/Figli

    How old is Pilar Rubio?

    43 years old () Pilar Rubio Fernández/Age

    Where does Sergio Ramos play?

    Paris Saint-Germain Football Club # 4 / National Soccer Defender of Spain Defender Sergio Ramos / Current Teams

    Where was Sergio Ramos born?

    Camas, Spain Sergio Ramos / Place of birth

    Where will Ramos go?

    Now it's official: Sergio Ramos will leave Real Madrid and play for another club next year. The merengues, in a note on their website, announced that their captain will bid farewell tomorrow at a press conference, which he will hold together with president Florentino Perez.

    Where does Varane play?

    Manchester United Football Club # 19 / National football defender of France # 4 / Defender Raphaël Varane / Current teams

    Why doesn't Sergio Ramos play?

    Ramos, the PSG chronology After undergoing a medical examination in July without apparent problems, the Spanish central defender accused at the end of the month (August) of the physical ailments that prevented him from making his debut with the PSG shirt until today.
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