What operation must Fazio do?

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What operation must Fazio do?

What operation must Fazio do?

Fabio Fazio connected with the studio The famous desk was occupied by the usual shoulder of the conductor, the comedian Luciana Littizzetto.

Why does Fazio use ice cream?

Usually given to guests when the clip mic (attached to the garment) doesn't work. Or the host uses it for quick interviews and always holds it firmly in his hand even when the guest instinctively tries to appropriate it, just to show who is in control of the situation.

Why does Fabio Fazio speak with the microphone in his hand?

The reason? The conductor himself explained it: “We won't see you next week. Accidents of the trade… I have to make a small intervention that will not allow me to speak for a few days ”, the words of the conductor.

What happened to the weather?

The 2020-2021 season began on Sunday 27 September 2020 and ended on Sunday 30 May 2021, again with the conduct of Fabio Fazio and the participation of Luciana Littizzetto and Filippa Lagerbäck. After a year on Rai 2, the program is back on Rai 3, broadcast from 20:00 to 24:00.

Why isn't Fabio Fazio in the studio?

Fabio Fazio, in fact, after having undergone surgery last week - with the consequent stop of the program - is not in the studio, but connected from home in "smart working". Behind the desk Luciana Littizzetto, to take the place of the conductor in the studio.

How to write to Fabio Fazio Che tempo che fa?

mail.chetempochefa@gmail.com is the email we have opened for those who want to participate as a public in #chetempochefa. On Sunday with Fabio Fazio there will be: Samantha Cristoforetti, Walter Veltroni, X Ambassadors, Riccardo Scamarcio and Flavio Caroli.

Why don't they do what the weather is like?

It was Fabio Fazio himself who announced the stop of the Rai 3 program he conducted, explaining that the suspension is due to the fact that he has to undergo a surgical operation. “We won't see you next week. Accidents of the trade ...

What's the weather like Fazio isn't there?

The new edition of “Che tempo che fa” will debut on Sunday 3 October, the historic broadcast conducted by Fabio Fazio will return to air on Rai3 with one certainty: it will not give a voice to no-vax. “Actually I'd like to apply just a little common sense on television.

Why doesn't Fazio lead?

The reason for the absence of the conductor was explained precisely in the episode: Covid has nothing to do with it, as some might think. Instead, the operation that Fabio Fazio has undergone in recent days has something to do with it.

Why is there no Fazio on Rai3?

It was given by Fabio Fazio who, to viewers, communicated the sudden suspension of the Sunday program broadcast on Rai Tre. The cause? An operation that the tenant will have to undergo urgently over the next few days.
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