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    What number is 0432?

    What number is 0432?

    What number is 0432?

    0432 is the telephone prefix of the Udine district, belonging to the Venice compartment. The district includes the central part of the province of Udine and the municipality of Pinzano al Tagliamento (PN).

    What is the prefix zero four three two?

    The prefix 0432 is the national telephone area code belonging to the city of Udine. If someone calls you with a number starting with 0432, it means that they are calling you from a fixed telephone number located on the ground in the province of Udine.

    What telephone area code is 0427?

    Spilimbergo 0427 is the telephone area code for the Spilimbergo district, belonging to the Venice department. The district includes the northern part of the province of Pordenone and the municipality of Forgaria nel Friuli (UD).

    Which city does the prefix zero four correspond to?

    Each district is linked to a numerical code, the telephone area code, identifying all the municipalities that belong to it .... Telephone Prefix 0432.
    Municipalities list
    artegnaattimisBagnaria Arsa
    Camino al TagliamentoCampoformidoCassacco
    Castions StreetChiopris-VisconeCividale del Friuli
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