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    What mushrooms in pregnancy?

    What mushrooms in pregnancy?

    What mushrooms in pregnancy?

    “For the consumption of mushrooms during pregnancy the recommendations have naturally doubled. The advice is to avoid eating mushrooms, porcini or not, if we do not have the absolute certainty of their origin and proper cooking ”, suggests Stefania Piloni.

    What not to eat when pregnant mushrooms?

    Mushrooms in pregnancy: those in oil In preserves (both sweet, such as jams, and salted, such as vegetables in vinegar or in oil), a very dangerous toxin, Clostridium botulinum, can lurk. Botulism is an intoxication that can be fatal.

    What to eat in the first weeks of pregnancy?

    For the rest, well-cooked meats, fish, seafood and eggs, legumes, prunes, whole milk and derivatives, butter, whole grains and fruit are recommended to ensure an adequate supply of vitamins and mineral salts necessary during the first trimester. and well washed vegetables (e.g. spinach, rich ...

    What ice creams can i eat when pregnant?

    The flavors of homemade fruit ice cream or sorbets while pregnant are preferred, but if the gluttony of the future mother suggests a nice hazelnut or chocolate ice cream, it is a desire that can be safely granted.
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