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    What license plate is foreign NL?

    What license plate is foreign NL?

    What license plate is foreign NL?

    Vintage cars On the other hand, the cars dating back to the same periods but originally registered in the Netherlands retain their old license plate. The owner has the right to request the yellow plate with the European blue band and the international initials NL.

    What acronym is Ua?

    From January 31, 2015, a blue band was introduced on the left and the Ukrainian flag replaced the national coat of arms; in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, the international vehicle abbreviation UA ​​is written in white characters.

    What country is nl?

    The country's official name is Kingdom of the Netherlands. King William Alexander is the ruler of the country. Holland refers only to the two provinces of North Holland and South Holland.

    What does NL mean?

    The name is based on the initials of the Netherlands in the native language (Nederland).

    What is the yellow plate?

    The bottom of the plates is yellow for the registration plates of self-propelled or towed agricultural machinery, of self-propelled or towed machinery and for all repeater plates; it is white in all other cases with the exception of the parts placed at the end of the plates for cars and motorcycles.

    Where can operating machines circulate?

    As for self-propelled machinery, they can circulate on the road only if they have a license plate. Those towed, must be equipped with a special registration plate.
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