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    What is Xme SpensieRata?

    What is Xme SpensieRata?

    What is Xme SpensieRata?

    XME SpensieRata is an open-ended line of credit to improve the management of daily expenses. The credit line is always available to the customer and can be used from time to time by activating individual loans without the need for any proof of expense.

    How to pay Intesa Sanpaolo card expenses in installments?

    choose the refund method: full balance, with debit on the 15th day of the month following the purchase; in installments; mixed, in this case you can choose to pay part of the monthly expenses in installments through the service by installments.

    How does the loan work in your pocket?

    How PerTe Loan In Pocket works The loan works as a sort of bank credit line. This means that the bank makes a predetermined amount of money available to the beneficiary. Once the money is received, the applicant can spend it according to his needs.

    How does Intesa Sanpaolo installment work?

    Loans: XME Spensierata by Intesa Sanpaolo Allows you to pay in installments directly into your current account, choosing installments from 3 to 48 months. A button appears in the app, near a substantial expense, which invites you to use the service.

    How to recharge Bper?

    The installment plans active on Ricariconto continue to be active also in BPER Banca, through the "Rata in Conto" service, under the same conditions. On Smart Web you can activate new installments under the same conditions.
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