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    What is value together?

    What is value together?

    What is value together?

    Valore Insieme is the Intesa Sanpaolo service which, based on the package chosen, offers specific solutions for your needs in the various areas of life. ... Value Together, in the various sectors of consultancy, it allows you to perform simulations and find the most suitable solutions for you and your loved ones.

    How to disable Xme health?

    The Holder can withdraw from the Contract at any time by notifying ISSC through the deactivation function on the website and on the XME Salute App or in writing. The withdrawal takes effect within 2 working days of receipt of the request.

    How to write a home insurance termination letter?

    with this letter I formally and irrevocably inform you of my decision to cancel the following insurance contract that I have stipulated with your company. Cancellation after its natural expiration of .................. ..

    What is smart money meant?

    The service does not bind the user to block the part of savings but rather, they are always available. In fact, unlike a normal PAC, the money will not be invested in mutual funds but only set aside.

    How to cancel an Intesa San Paolo policy?

    The Company may cancel the policy by sending the Customer, within 60 days prior to its expiry, a registered letter with return receipt to the last known address (to verify compliance with the 60-day notice period, the postmark sending the registered mail).
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