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    What is the Unicredit mobile code?

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    What is the Unicredit mobile code?

    What is the Unicredit mobile code?

    Mobile Code is a unique password that you choose when activating the Mobile Banking App. It consists of numeric characters only, has a length between 6 and 10 digits. You can use the Mobile Code to generate passwords via the Mobile Token or to confirm provisions from the App.

    How to book an appointment with Unicredit?

    How do I book an appointment at UniCredit? There is a new service, Ubook, which is the only appointment management tool in UniCredit branches. Customers find it on the app. Alternatively, you can call the UniCredit Call Center at 800 323285.

    How to recover the mobile code?

    From Internet Bank: if you do not remember your Mobile Code, you can request a new one from the “Security” section of Internet Bank by clicking on “Create” from the “New Mobile Code” item. We remind you that you must have communicated to the Bank and verified your e-mail address and your mobile number.
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