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    What is the set of customers called?

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    What is the set of customers called?

    What is the set of customers called?

    customers]. - 1. In sign. historical, the relationship of dependence between the client and his patron; with collective value, all customers.

    What is a group of olive trees called?

    School group set of olive trees. Flock of musicians together. Forest set of bees.

    What do so many bees make up together?

    The collective name referring to a group of bees is swarm. Treccani herself defines swarm as a "large group of small winged animals that fly together" and gives some examples: a swarm of midges, mosquitoes, grasshoppers.

    What is the name of the one who works with bees?

    The beekeeper's job basically consists in providing bees with shelter and care, and watching over their development; in exchange he collects a fair share of their product, consisting of: honey, pollen, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, poison.

    What is a set of rocks?

    The reef is a marine rocky barrier structure formed by groups of rocks arranged in a row that are generally found at the surface of the water, sometimes outcropping, sometimes submerged at a shallow depth.

    What is the bison set called?

    ⇓ (lit.) herd, flock, herd, flock.

    What are non-domestic bees called?

    'Wild bees' is a term improperly used to denote all species of insects belonging to the Apidae family or, according to other authors, to the Apoidea superfamily, excluding Apis mellifera, the so-called domestic bee (which in reality is not properly domesticated ).

    What is the honey structure called?

    The composition of honey Sugars 66-83% Glucose, fructose, sucrose, oligosaccharides. Water 13-20% Gums and dextrins 1-5% Proteins 1%

    When do bees leave the hive?

    All this bee people leave the hive between 10 am and 3 pm, and for a few minutes it turns confusedly in the air with a hum of joy; then it is suspended in the form of a cluster on some object, and more often on a tree branch to then enter a new home.

    What to do if the bees make the nest?

    If you have identified a nest far from home, or if you manage to isolate it and limit the danger to people, you can:
    1. call a local beekeeper if it is a bee nest or a swarm;
    2. the local ASL or civil protection, if it is a hornet or wasp nest.
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