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    What is the plural of rainbow?

    What is the plural of rainbow?

    What is the plural of rainbow?

    If the nouns are of the same gender (both masculine or both feminine) modify only the final ending in the plural: rainbow, rainbows; parchment, parchment; shark, shark; pomegranate, pomegranates; mother of pearl, mother of pearl; chest, chests; shrew, shrew.

    What is the life preserver called?

    The lifebuoy (or more commonly the lifebuoy) is a float whose presence, by virtue of international conventions for the protection of lives at sea, is included among the safety equipment of boats, boats and ships with the aim of being used to rescue castaways or ...

    What is the plural of householder?

    head of the family sm and f. [comp. of head and family] (pl. m. i head of the family, pl. f. the head of the family).

    How can I understand how to make the plural of compound nouns?

    If the nouns that make up the noun are of the same gender, the plural is formed by changing only the final ending. If the two nouns are of different gender in the plural, only the ending of the first changes. Nouns composed of noun + adjective change the ending of both words.

    What is the life buoy?

    The life jacket is a part of the causeway, intended for shelter or parking for pedestrians crossing the road itself, at pedestrian crossings or public transport stops. Facilitates the boarding and alighting of passengers from trams, trolley buses or buses.

    What does life preserver mean?

    Generic name of devices of various shapes made of light material (plastic, rubber, cork, padded waterproof material, etc.) or of inflatable inner tubes, used by those who cannot swim or to keep a person afloat who has fallen in water ( in this case, it is the same as life belt); yes ...

    How do you say manuscript in the plural?


    What does headache mean?

    headache sm [comp. to scratch and head]. - Worry, fuss, annoying thought, and even a cheated or boring business that gives some concern: having gs; give a g.

    How can the life buoy be reported?

    The life buoy can be indicated by luminous columns with a fixed yellow light.

    What is the roadway?

    46) ROAD OFFICE: surface included within the road boundaries. It includes the carriageway and the relevant bands. 47) TRANVIARY SEAT: longitudinal part of the road, suitably delimited, reserved for the circulation of trams and similar vehicles.

    How is the life jacket reported?

    The life buoy can be indicated by luminous columns with a fixed yellow light.

    How is the life preserver made?

    Life belts They are made of cork or polystyrene padded fabric, they are more bulky than self-inflating vests, but the production cost is much lower. Generally there are only two types, 100N and 150N, they guarantee good buoyancy and do not completely obstruct movements.
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