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    What is the plural of enthusiastic?

    What is the plural of enthusiastic?

    What is the plural of enthusiastic?

    pediatrician, otolaryngologist), in -ista (artist, specialist), in -cida (matricide, suicide) and the other common gender nouns in -a (as enthusiastic) form the plural in -i in masculine, in -e in feminine : the enthusiast (in this case, in the absence of adjectives, the gender will be suggested by possible concordances with ...

    How do you write enthusiastic?

    ENTHUSIAST: wrong form. ENTHUSIAST: correct form used for masculine and feminine singular. ENTHUSIASTS: correct form for the plural feminine. ENTHUSIASTS: correct form for the masculine plural.

    How do you spell enthusiastic in the masculine?

    Even if it refers to a male subject, the correct form of this adjective is enthusiastic. This is true only when we speak in the singular because instead when we refer to more subjects we distinguish again between masculine and feminine.

    How do you say enthusiastic in women?

    We immediately reply to our readers that the enthusiastic form does not exist: in the singular the adjective enthusiastic can in fact refer to both a feminine and a masculine noun (an enthusiastic young person, an enthusiastic girl), unlike the plural, for which it is distinguished instead between the enthusiastic feminine (the girls ...

    What does invariable adjective mean?

    Invariable nouns and adjectives are those that keep the singular form even in the plural. They are of various kinds. We should also remember the executioners, the pariahs, the doubles, the vaglias, while pajamas have both the invariable shape of the pajamas, and the agreed one the pajamas.

    What are variable and invariable words?

    Words that change shape according to gender, number, person, or other, are called variables. Words that never change are said to be invariable.
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