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    What is the plural of condominium?

    What is the plural of condominium?

    What is the plural of condominium?

    Condominiums, condominiums (pl.

    How do you say condominium?

    The following: "Condominium (with the tonic accent on the first o), meaning 'co-owner' and, in particular, 'owner of an apartment in a condominium building', is the correct form of the masculine singular; condominiums is the plural form; the singular feminine form is condomina, condomine ...

    How many condominiums must there be to have an administrator?

    The art. 1129 of the CC after the reform implemented with law 220/2012 made it mandatory to appoint the administrator when there are more than eight condominiums. (Previously the obligation already existed with more than 4 condominiums).

    Who is the head of the condominium?

    Head of the condominium: from the point of view of the law, the head of the condominium is not a recognized figure. The only person legally in charge of this task is the condominium administrator. The head of the condominium can be useful in the event that the condominium is not required by law to have an administrator. ...

    What is the name of someone who lives in a building?

    What are the names of the inhabitants of Città di Castello? To answer the question one would say castellani or citizens ... but no, it would be too easy! The inhabitants of Città di Castello are called tifernati: the name derives from the ancient Roman name of the village, Tifernum.

    How to impose the condominium administrator?

    Article 1129 of the Civil Code, as amended by the condominium reform, indicates: "When there are more than eight condominiums, if the assembly fails to do so, the appointment of an administrator is made by the judicial authority upon the appeal of one or more condominiums or the resigning administrator ".

    How do you get the title of city?

    "The title of city can be granted by decree of the President of the Republic on the proposal of the Minister of the Interior to municipalities that are renowned for their memories, historical monuments and for their current importance." The municipality requests the granting of the title with an application to the Ministry of the Interior.
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