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    What is the name of Miriam Leone's mother?

    What is the name of Miriam Leone's mother?

    What is the name of Miriam Leone's mother?

    Gabriella Leone Miriam Leone / Mothers

    Who is Miriam Leone's father?

    Ignazio Leone Miriam Leone / Fathers She was born in Catania and lived in Acireale; her father, Ignazio Leone, is a literature teacher, her mother, Gabriella Leotta, nineteen, was a student of hers, later employed in the municipality of Aci Catena. She has a younger brother, Sergio Leone.

    Who are Miriam's parents?

    Ignazio Leone Gabriella Leone Miriam Leone / Parents

    Who is Miriam Catania's dad?

    Vincenzo Catania Myriam Catania / Fathers Daughter of Rossella Izzo and gynecologist Vincenzo Catania, as well as granddaughter of the voice actresses Simona, Fiamma and Giuppy Izzo, she started working very young as a voice actress and actress.

    Who is Myriam's mom?

    Rossella Izzo Myriam Catania / Mothers

    Who is Catania's husband?

    Luca Argenteros. 2009–2016 Myriam Catania / Husband

    Who is the big brother Miriam's family?

    The "big family" of Myriam Catania But mother Rossella and grandfather Renato are not the only voice actors in the family. In addition to them there are also aunts Simona, Fiamma and Giuppy, who are divided between dubbing and screenplay, and her sister Giulia, born in 1990, photographer and voice actress.

    Who is Jimmy Rocca?

    Biography and career He is a former Lazio Primavera player, but he also wore the Frosinone shirt. He owes his football career to the talent Campioni, led by Ciccio Graziani. Unfortunately, after an accident he had to hang up his boots.

    Who are Gilles Rocca's parents?

    Adelio and Rosalba are the owners of a family business aimed at the rental of musical instruments.
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