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    What is the monthly fee my choice?

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    What is the monthly fee my choice?

    What is the monthly fee my choice?

    XME Conto provides for the debit of a single total monthly fee determined by the sum of the basic monthly fee of the current account and the monthly fees of the individual services connected to the Account, chosen by the customer (total monthly fee "My Choice").

    How much does the Intesa Sanpaolo account cost?

    30 euros How much does Basic Account cost me? The expenses for the Basic Account are 30 euros per year, if no operations are carried out higher than those indicated in the specific table. If you fall into socially disadvantaged groups, you will receive a pension of up to 18.000 euros gross per year, the fee is free.

    How to close Xme account?

    Like opening, closing does not present particular difficulties. First of all, as the holder of the XME account, you must submit a request to close it directly to the branch or by sending it, not necessarily by registered mail, to the branch where the account is held.
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