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    What is the lymphocyte stimulation test?

    What is the lymphocyte stimulation test?

    What is the lymphocyte stimulation test?

    In the laboratory, the quantity of gamma interferon released by T lymphocytes already sensitized by the infection in the organism is measured after they are put together with specific antigens of certain diseases.

    How to read the quantiferon test?

    The tubes for the Mitogen Quantiferon test (purple cap): positive result; confirms the basic immune status. NIL (gray cap): negative result. TB1 (green cap): detects the response of CD4 + T lymphocytes. TB2 (yellow cap): optimizes the response of CD4 + and CD8 + T lymphocytes.

    How much does the Quantiferon test cost?

    The News of Ansa Salute - ROME, 29 SEPT - The cost difference between the tests currently available to detect Tbc positivity is considerable: the quantiferon (the blood test) has a cost of about 90-100 euros per dose, while tuberculin (the skin type test) costs only 2,10 euros per dose.

    What does Mitogenic Positive Control mean?

    7 (p4)) Purple cap: Mitogen that serves as a positive control (non-specific stimulator of T cells), ie to verify that the patient is not immunosuppressed and that the sample has been incubated correctly.

    What is the purpose of making quantiferon?

    Quantiferon TB Gold Plus is a test for the detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection (including active disease, tuberculosis).

    What does Quantiferon positive mean?

    The QUANTIFERON Test detects the quantity of Interferon Gamma cytokine released following stimulation of T lymphocytes with two highly specific TB antigens (ESAT-6 and CFP-10). A positive result indicates latent or still active tuberculosis.

    Where is quantiferon made?

    The Quantiferon is a non-invasive test that is performed on a blood sample that can be carried out in all the Collection Points of CDC - Affidea Group.

    Where to take the Quantiferon test?

    The Quantiferon can be performed with different access methods: in accreditation with the National Health Service, privately or through agreements with Health Funds, Mutual Funds, Health Service Companies, Insurance Companies, Trade Associations, Banking Institutions.

    When is quantiferon done?

    Quantiferon TB-2G is a test that is performed on venous blood useful for the differential diagnosis between active pulmonary tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacterial infection and to identify latent tuberculous-type infection in subjects most at risk.

    When is Quantiferon done?

    Quantiferon Head (IGRA) ... Throughout our life we ​​may be required to perform a screening test for latent tuberculous infection for several reasons:
    • Close contact with a person with active TB;
    • Initiation of immunosuppressive therapies;

    Where to take the Quantiferon test in Rome?

    Quantiferon test - Preneste Rome - Diagnostic imaging center.
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