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    What is the effective date of residence?

    What is the effective date of residence?

    What is the effective date of residence?

    According to what is established by the regulations in force, the effective date of the residence is the legal date on which the change of residence takes place, that is the date of presentation of the declaration.

    How to know if they have changed my residence?

    Thus, if the declaration of change of residence is presented on February 1st and the officer updates it on February 3rd, the change of residence is considered effective as of February 1st.

    What does the residence validity start date mean?

    In the "Validity start date of the last address" field, the date from which the address being entered is valid must be indicated. If, for example, the person has never changed residence, he can indicate his date of birth as the starting date of validity.

    How do i know if i have residence?

    Just go to the town hall of the municipality where the person lives and ask for a residence certificate. The interested party must provide the name and surname of the person to be searched; it will also be better to indicate the tax code of the subject, in order to avoid any homonyms.

    What is meant by the first registration date?

    We mean all new and used cars and motorcycles whose first registration date is not earlier than 24 months from the application. Therefore, in the case of purchase and new registration of a used car, only the date of first registration is relevant.
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