What is the deception of the cadrega?

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What is the deception of the cadrega?

What is the deception of the cadrega?

The stratagem appears in the sketch "The Count Dracula" and takes place, more or less, like this: Gino and Michele, suspicious of Count Dracula's cadence, want to verify its provenance. The victim of the deception is then brought in front of a set table and is offered a cadréga.

What is a cadrega?

cadrega: Definition and meaning of the term cadrega piem., lomb.) chair, scranna dim. cadreghino (m.)

What are they Le Un terun?

Tel chi el telùn (which in Milanese dialect means "Here it is the tarpaulin") is a theatrical performance by the comic trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo from 1999, directed by Arturo Brachetti.

Who knocks at this time of the morning?

slut ... But slut of that bitch! DRACULA - Knock knock. NICO - They knock at this time of the morning: who will it be?

Why is it called cadrega?

Well ... the "cadrega" in Milanese is the "chair". ... Actually in Latin the term "cathedra" did not identify a table but a seat, specifically a chair with armrests, similar to our armchair.

How do you say chair in the Venetian dialect?

Veneto, immigrants like the dialect "Carèga" (chair) the most used word.

Who is PDOR son of Kmer?

Son of Kmer of the tribe of Instar, he who has seen in the mists of Sgnfnir the thousand belos algae of Fursus, Param, Sasis, Turum and Paragher! He who saw the thousand winged demons in the clouds of Vistnir descend from heaven in anger and destroy the peoples of Korom Kurrill and Fastanell!

What does Carega mean?

Carega - chair in Ligurian dialect and in Venetian language.

What is the Tuscan word for chair?

I confirm the chair used in Tuscany.

How do you spell chair in Neapolitan?

Chair, seat. Head, head. Insurance? - Facciabuco.com.

Who dares to disturb the sleep of Kmer's son PDOR?

Who dares to interrupt the sleep of Pdor, son of Kmer, of the tribe of Istarr, of the wasteland of Kfnir, one of the last seven sages: Pmur, aFtanager, Animi, Ciugur and Faralf. Mii how fast time passes, 5 minutes of silence. Mi papa, you take it for nothing, me as it goes fast, one, two ...

What happens in Africa every morning when the sun comes up?

“Every morning in Africa when the sun rises, a gazelle wakes up and knows it will have to outrun the lion or it will be killed. ... However, always in Africa, every morning, when the sun rises, a lion as soon as he wakes up starts running to avoid ending up like the gazelle that died the day before.

Who killed Dracula?

The group gets the better of the gypsies and just before sunset, Jonathan and Quincey, dying, finally kill Dracula, who ends up turning to dust. The stories told refer to seven years earlier, now Jonathan and Mina are happily married and have a son, Quincey.

Where did Count Dracula die?

Comana Monastery, Comana, Romania Vlad III of Wallachia / Burial place
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