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    What is meant by paratactic syntax?

    What is meant by paratactic syntax?

    What is meant by paratactic syntax?

    Usually we speak of parataxis when the period is constructed with only main (independent) sentences. However, a period can also be considered paratactic in which different subordinates of the same order, coordinated with each other, depend on a principal.

    What is meant by paratactic language and syntactic language?

    When a text is mainly composed of coordinated sentences, it is called paratactic. The parataxis (from two Greek words "next" and "ordering") is therefore the kind of syntactic structure in which coordination prevails.

    Why use parataxis?

    Parataxis is a useful tool when you want to describe a sequence of facts or aspects of a reality in an immediate, apparently neutral way, without fully explaining the logical links that connect one sentence to another.

    What is the difference between parataxis and hypotxis?

    Parataxis is an order where single sentences are joined by coordination, that is, with simple conjunctions or punctuation. ... Hypotaxis is the exact opposite: compound conjunctions are used and the period can be longer. An example from the same period with the hypotension is this.
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