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    What is low Mchc?

    What is low Mchc?

    What is low Mchc?

    Low MCHC A lower than normal MCHC is typically found in hypochromic anemia (erythrocytes appear lighter under the microscope, as the amount of hemoglobin is reduced). The patient is likely not getting enough iron or has a hereditary form of anemia, such as thalassemia.

    What is Mchc in the blood?

    MCHC is an erythrocyte index (also called corpuscular index of red blood cells) which allows the analysis of the corpuscular part of the blood, that is, of the cells circulating in the blood stream; in detail, this parameter relates the amount of hemoglobin and the size of the erythrocyte cell.

    What does low MCV mean?

    If the MCV value is low, it is referred to as microcytic anemia, a term that indicates that blood cells are smaller than normal in size. If the MCV value is high, it is referred to as macrocytic anemia, indicating that the red blood cells are larger than normal.

    What value should hemoglobin have?

    Adult males: 14-18 g / dl. Adult females: 12-16 g / dl. Men after middle age: 12.4-14.9 g / dl. Women after middle age: 11.7-13.8 g / dl.
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