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    What is Esselunga identifier?

    What is Esselunga identifier?

    What is Esselunga identifier?

    The identification code must be a unique numeric or alphanumeric combination attributed by the country of origin to the third-party foreign operator, for tax, social security or similar purposes.

    What is meant by document identifier?

    sm Secret document or code used to uniquely identify a person, spec. in relation to access to IT systems: exhibit, provide the i.

    What is document identifier?

    On each CIE there is a serial number printed on the front at the top right and having the following format: 2 letters - 5 numbers - 2 letters (for example CA00000AA). This number is the Unique National Number. The data printed on the document or stored inside the microchip are: Common emitter.

    How to redo a damaged license?

    Where and how the duplicate of the damaged driving license must be requested. The request for the issue of the impaired license must be presented at the offices of the Motorization Authority. To this end, the application on the TT 2112 model must be completed, which is available at the office of the Motor Vehicles Office.
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