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    What is Aisha's power?

    What is Aisha's power?

    What is Aisha's power?

    Finally she possesses the basic powers of a fairy such as telekinesis, metamorphosis and transmutation. Aisha appears for the first time in the second season, where she asks the Winx for help to save the little Pixies who are captive of Lord Darkar. She then she begins to study and to live in Alfea.

    How to have Bloom's powers?

    To reach the Enchantix stadium, a fairy must save an inhabitant of her kingdom; Bloom realizes that, as she is the last heir to a lost kingdom, she can never become a complete fairy. Then she goes to Pyros, the Isle of Dragons, to increase her strength and free the dragon in her.

    What is the strongest power of the Winx?

    The power of the Winx combined with the Charmix is ​​very strong especially when they use convergence (the union of single forces in a single spell). It is present only in the second series. The magic "Enchantix" is the next form that the fairies arrive in, in which enormous power is obtained.

    How to watch the Winx order?

    Movies for TV
    1. Winx Club - Bloom's Destiny. Main article: Winx Club - Bloom's Destiny. ...
    2. Winx Club - The Revenge Of The Trix. Main article: Winx Club - Revenge of the Trix. ...
    3. Winx Club - Battle For Magix. Main article: Winx Club - Battle For Magix. ...
    4. Winx Club - The Shadow Phoenix.

    How old is Aisha Winx?

    Aisha appears for the first time in the second season, when she is 16 and asks the Winx for help to save the little Pixies who are captive of Lord Darkar. She then she begins to study and to live in Alfea.

    What is the most loved Winx?

    The Winx who generally like them the most are Bloom, Stella and Flora.

    Who is Bloom's mother?

    Bloom is the Princess and Guardian Fairy of the kingdom of Domino, adopted daughter of Mike and Vanessa, as well as the biological daughter of King Oritel and Queen Marion, and younger sister of Daphne.

    What fairy is Bloom?

    Bloom was born on December 10, under the astrological sign of Dragon. She grew up in Gardenia, (Earth), ignoring, until meeting Stella, her own identity: she is actually the Dragon Flame Fairy, the source of energy with which the mystical Great Dragon generated the entire Universe.

    How old is Bloom Winx?

    sixteen First season. Bloom is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives in Gardenia with her father Mike, a firefighter, her mother Vanessa, a flower girl, plus her beloved bunny Kiko.

    How old is Tecna delle Winx?

    AssociationsDigit, Pixie della Nanotecnologia Lithia, Selkie di Zenith
    Age (in the first appearance)16 years
    Birthday16th December
    Birth placeZenith

    How old is Stella delle Winx?

    Original voicesPerla liberatori
    AssociationsLove, Pixie delľAmore Illiris, Selkie of Solaria
    Age (in the first appearance)17 years
    BirthdayAugust 18th

    How old are the Winx?

    The first series started in 2003, so our made in Italy fairies are 10 years old, and now we are, if I'm not mistaken, in the sixth series, with a radical change in animation technique, new transformations, new stories.

    What is the name of Flora's boyfriend?

    Helia Helia is a wizard from the Kingdom of Lynphea, grandson of Saladin, principal of the school of Fonterossa, which the boy attends. He is part of the Specialists, is Flora's boyfriend and one of the best friends of the Crown Princess of Lynphea, Krystal.

    How old is Sky of the Winx?

    Age (in the first appearance)17 years
    Birthday17 March
    Birth placeHeraklion
    AbilityFighting with a blue sword

    Who are Bloom's parents in fairies?

    Bloom's parents Vanessa (Eva Birthistle) and Mike (Josh Cowdery), both human, believe their daughter is attending an international school in Switzerland and don't know she is in Alfea: according to Principal Dowling (Eve Best), in Bloom's family tree there must be a Fairy.

    What is the name of Bloom's specialist?

    Another difference is his relationship with Stella: in the Netflix version there is a love triangle between the princess of Solaria, the Specialist and Bloom, of which Sky is the main love interest in the cartoon - where Stella is engaged to Brandon.

    Who are Bloom's parents?

    Vanessa Bloom / Parents

    Who is Bloom's mother you do?

    Vanessa Peters Vanessa Peters, played by Eva Birthistle, voiced by Daniela Caló. She is Bloom's mother, with whom she has a complicated relationship; Following an argument between the two, the girl accidentally used her magical powers to set fire to her own home, an incident in which Vanessa still bears her scars.

    What season does Bloom find her parents in?

    Season 4 Bloom joins her friends as they venture to Earth to protect Earth's last fairy. They stay in Gardenia with Bloom's adoptive parents, Mike and Vanessa.

    When was Tecna delle Winx born?

    Tecna was born on December 6, and her astrological sign is Triton. Coming from the planet Zenith, she is the Fairy of Technology. She is the most rational and intelligent of the group; the strong attachment to logic often makes the young fairy appear a bit chilly.
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