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    What is a small muddy pond called?

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    What is a small muddy pond called?

    What is a small muddy pond called?

    pond, swamp, quagmire.

    What is the name of the person who brings water to homes?

    servìzio sm [dal lat. service, proper. ... servant].

    When the water stagnates, a?

    marsh in Vocabulary - Treccani.

    What are the words of the water family?

    Water, etching, sink, white spirit, aquarium, holy water, aquatic, downpour, aqueduct, watercolor, drizzle, marsh, underwater.

    What is a small pond?

    A pond (from the Latin stagnum) or marsh is a body of still water (stagnant, in fact), of reduced size and shallow bottom.

    What family has mom water?

    THE WATER MOTHER'S FAMILY What family has mother water how many clothes it rinses. Here is the first watercolor, then marsh, her brother, the third child comes to sink: my mother, what a mess! Acquerugiola turpentine aqueduct, two more and there are already eight.
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