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    What is a figure with 9 sides called?

    What is a figure with 9 sides called?

    What is a figure with 9 sides called?

    ennagon In many contexts the term ennagon is used to indicate a regular ennagon. Among the non-simple ennagons, with sides that intersect at non-extremity points, there are two regular star ennagons.

    What is a 6-sided polygon called?

    hexagon Polygon plane with six vertices and therefore six sides. The e. regular (having all six sides equal to each other and thus all angles formed by consecutive sides) can be inscribed in the circle using only a ruler and compass; its side AB (fig. 1) is equal to the radius OA of the circumscribed circle.

    What is the 13-sided polygon called?

    In geometry, a tridecágono or triscaidecagon (from the Greek τρεισκαίδεκα / treiskaídeka) is any polygon with 13 sides and as many vertices and angles; the regular tridecagon is characterized by angles and sides that are all congruent to each other.

    What is a 5-sided polygon called?

    pentagon Polygon of 5 sides; p. the convex polygon is said to be regular (fig. A) having 5 equal sides and internal angles, equal to each other, of 108 °; if R is the radius of the circumscribed circumference, the side l of the p.

    What is a figure with 20 sides called?

    icosahedron in the Treccani Encyclopedia.

    What is the minimum number of segments you can use to get a polygon?

    So it can be said that the minimum number of sides needed to form a polygon are three. Consequently, if there are 3 sides there will also be three angles: we invite the children to observe them.

    What is the name of a figure that has 10 sides?

    decagon in "Encyclopedia of Mathematics"

    What is a figure with 11 sides called?

    polygon A flat geometric figure bounded by three or more segments forming a closed non-interlaced polygon. mathematics 1.
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