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    What happens to the Pixies?

    What happens to the Pixies?

    What happens to the Pixies?

    The Pixies. Pixies are magical creatures that look like little fairies. The Pixies live in a small village located in the Forest of Selvafosca, in the world of Magix, and can obtain the connection with a fairy, that is, a special magical bond that binds a fairy and a Pixie.

    What are the Pixies called?

    The Pixies are a group of fairies whose names are Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna, to which Roxy, Aisha have been added since the second season. Flora: she is the fairy of Nature.

    What are the transformations of the Winx?

    • Basic level.
    • Charmix.
    • Enchantix.
    • Infinite Successive Stages all'Enchantix. 4.1 Believe it. 4.2 Harmonix. 4.3 Sirenix. 4.4 Crystal Sirenix. 4.5 Bloomix. 4.6 Mythix. 4.7 Butterflix. 4.8 Tynix. 4.9 Cosmix.
    • World Of Winx.

    What happened to Digit Winx?

    Transformed into an armored warrior, he defeated Aisha with a single gesture, then imprisoning Glim and Lockette along with the others.

    What is the name of Aisha's Pixie?

    Aisha is the first fairy to get Bonding with Piff, the Pixie of the Dream.

    When does Bloom become Enchantix?

    From the sixteenth episode of the third season: "From the Ashes", Bloom becomes an Enchantix fairy.

    Why do Pixies change?

    When a Pixie uses her talent well, the tree of life gives her the Magic Pop, a magical sphere of infinite power that can transform a Pixie into a PopPixie.

    What fairy and flora?

    Flora. Flora is the Fairy of Nature and she comes from the planet Lynphea, where she lives with her parents and her sister Honey. She is the most reserved and quiet of the group, with a shy and insecure character. Flora's best friend is Aisha.

    Who is Flora delle Winx's boyfriend?

    Helia: He is Flora's boyfriend. He is a gentle and peaceful student, he doesn't like to fight very much, but he is a great driver. He is Saladin's grandson, the headmaster of Fonterossa. Helia loves art and writing love poems.

    What episode does Bloom turn into?

    From the twentieth episode of the second season: "The Village of the Pixies", Bloom becomes a Charmix fairy. From the sixteenth episode of the third season: "From the Ashes", Bloom becomes an Enchantix fairy. From the sixth episode of the fourth season: "A Fairy in Peril", Bloom becomes a Believix fairy.

    In what episode does Aisha become Enchantix?

    From the sixth episode of the third season: "Aisha's Choice", Aisha becomes an Enchantix fairy.

    What is the best Winx?

    So, as some of you have done, I list my ranking from the favorite Winx to the most hated one:
    • Moses.
    • Techna.
    • Aisha (before the sixth series)
    • Flora.
    • Star.
    • Roxy.
    • Bloom.

    Why does Tecna become enchantix?

    Tecna: for having sacrificed herself in closing the portal of the Omega Dimension, which risked destroying the planet of Andros.
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