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    What happens in the coffin after death?

    What happens in the coffin after death?

    What happens in the coffin after death?

    What happens to the body after death inside the coffin The next stage is that of decay, the skin breaks down, gases escape, the body begins to produce a strong odor and as the soft tissues deteriorate, the body shrinks to skin, cartilage and bones.

    How does a body transform after death?

    In general, the human body begins to change after 8 or 10 days after death. The blood continues to decompose and more and more gases accumulate in the abdomen. Due to the natural bacteria that work for decomposition, the body will begin to turn a reddish color.

    What body temperature does a dead person have?

    With death the thermoregulation ceases, which keeps the internal body temperature around 37 ° C, and the thermogenesis consequent to the residual cellular activities being insignificant, the body begins to lose heat, going to conform to the ambient temperature.

    Why do the dead get cold?

    The first response of the body to the lowering of the temperature is the reduction of blood circulation in the more peripheral areas and in the skin: veins and arteries decrease in diameter under the skin and in the hands and feet thanks to the mechanism of vasoconstriction.
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