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    What happens if a mole clears up?

    What happens if a mole clears up?

    What happens if a mole clears up?

    Should a mole change color or shape be concerned? «In some cases the change is physiological: the nevi have a life of their own and are therefore born, grow, mature and remain stable for decades,“ age ”and finally tend to decrease in number and lighten in old age.

    How to stop the blood coming out of the mole?

    The first thing to do when a nevus is bleeding is to cover the wound with a sterile dressing and apply some pressure to stop the bleeding. Most nevi are harmless and require no further treatment, but a doctor may also decide to remove a suspicious nevus to analyze its cells.

    What does it mean if your left testicle hurts?

    Left testicular pain recognizes numerous causes; among these causes, the most important are: varicocele, scrotal trauma, hydrocele, orchitis, epididymitis, epididymal cyst, testicular torsion and testicular cancer.

    What not to do after removing a mole?

    In the post-surgery it is good to:
    • Be careful not to damage the treated area.
    • Cover the lesion until stitches are removed.
    • Do not expose the wound to the sun, even if covered.
    • Avoid wetting the removal area.
    • In case of bad smell or pain, contact your doctor immediately.
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