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    What does the name Christian mean?

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    What does the name Christian mean?

    What does the name Christian mean?

    Christian derives from the Greek and means "one who lives according to the law of Christ".

    When is the name day of San Christian?

    April 7 Traditionally, Cristian celebrates the name day on April 7 when the Church remembers San Cristiano or Chrètien, a priest in the parish of Saint'Albin in Douai, France. He is the patron saint of pregnant women and is venerated in various places on the Monday after Easter.

    How to abbreviate the name Christian?

    Cristiolo [diminutives], Christian, Christ *, Christian (exotic)

    What does the name Manuel mean?

    Name of Hebrew origin and means "God is with us".

    When is Riccardo's name day?

    7 February The name day can be celebrated in memory of numerous saints and blessed, among which, commemorated on the following dates: 7 February, St. Richard, King of England. March 25, St. Richard of Pontoise, martyr. April 3, St. Richard, bishop of Chichester.

    How to abbreviate the name Gabriel?

    Gabri or Gaby (English)

    What does the name Nicole mean?

    It comes from the Greek Nikòlaos and means "victor of the people".

    When is San Manuel celebrated?

    January 4 It is celebrated on January 4 (San Manuel Gonzalez Garcia), but also on March 26 (Sant'Emanuele martyr) September 17 (Sant'Emanuele Trieu, martyr priest).

    When is Santo Manuel coming?

    March 26 Nameday. The name day is generally celebrated on March 26 in memory of St. Emmanuel martyr with St. Theodosius and Quadrato in Anatolia; for the Manuele variant, on the other hand, it is possible to celebrate June 17, in memory of St. Manuel, martyr with Ishmael and Sabele in Chalcedon.
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