What does the grade 70 100 correspond to?

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What does the grade 70 100 correspond to?

What does the grade 70 100 correspond to?

Whoever comes out with a vote between 91 to 99 is 9 percent. Exactly half of the candidates get an average rating (71 to 90). Those who pass the state exam with a low score (60-70 percent) are 35 percent.

What grade is 60 100?

The final grade is obtained by adding the assessments obtained in the individual tests to the credits obtained in the three years of high school. The score is expressed in hundredths and the minimum grade is 60/100, which corresponds to sufficient. They can range from a minimum of 22 to a maximum of 40 points.

How much is the baccalaureate worth?

Those who graduate or graduate with a low grade are given a score, and the same goes for an average grade or a high or excellent grade.

How are grades graded for high school graduation?

The maturity marks are expressed in hundredths and start from a minimum of 60 to be promoted up to a maximum of 100 to which honors can be added if necessary.

How to calculate the grade of the diploma in sixtieth?

The calculation is similar if you have a diploma with a grade expressed in sixtieths. The basic score is 6, corresponding to the minimum value of 36/60, obtained by dividing the score obtained by 60 and multiplying it by 10.

How important is the graduation mark?

The high school grade is equivalent to a final and overall grade of the school career. But what exactly is it for? In reality, this final grade "serves" in two precise circumstances: for access to a limited number of degree courses or if you want to enroll in a foreign university.

How important are high school grades?

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