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    What does the Fastweb casa offer include?

    What does the Fastweb casa offer include?

    What does the Fastweb casa offer include?

    The Fastweb Casa fixed network offer, introduced from 1 July 2019, provides in detail unlimited Internet in ADSL, Mixed Fiber Copper FTTC or Fiber FTTH up to 1 Gigabit / s (depending on the technology), unlimited calls to all numbers national fixed and mobile without connection fee with Chi ...

    Which operator does Fastweb rely on?

    WINDTRE However, at least at present "pending its completion throughout the country, Fastweb is using the WINDTRE network and TIM's 4G network to guarantee customers the best mobile browsing experience".

    How much does Fastweb casa Privilege cost?

    Offer nameFee in promoFully operational fee
    Fastweb NeXXt Casa UltraFibra-30,95 € / month

    When does the Fastweb offer expire?

    The contract you have entered into with Fastweb has the duration provided for by the Commercial Offer you have chosen, with a commitment period not exceeding 24 months, if a promotion is envisaged for the provision of the Service or the Device.

    How much does the internet cost alone?

    Offer details summary (economic conditions)
    Items of expenditureDurationMonthly expense
    PriceFixed price21,90 €
    ModemPer semperEven
    Service activation24 renews6,00 €
    New line activationOnly oneFree

    What does Fastweb NeXXt Casa Light include?

    The Fastweb NeXXt Casa Light rate includes, in addition to the unlimited connection at home, also 3 months of Discovery + included in the monthly price. Fastweb with its NeXXt Casa Light offers its unlimited connection at home up to 2.5 Gigabit for less than 28 euros per month.

    How does Fastweb take mobile?

    Fastweb's mobile phone service, just to be clear, works in a similar way to that of other operators. When you take out a subscription or a rechargeable one, you will receive a Fastweb branded SIM to be inserted in your smartphone.

    Which operator relies on TIM?

    As for the TIM virtual operators, i.e. those who rely on this operator's network, the list is quite extensive, and at the moment it includes: Fastweb (Full MVNO) Tiscali Mobile (ESP MVNO) Kena mobile (Full MVNO)

    How much does Fastweb fiber cost per month?

    34,95 euro Fastweb offers a single rate valid for all its connectivity solutions and therefore also for optical fiber. This is Fastweb Casa at a cost of 34,95 euros per month, currently in promotion at 29,95 euros but only for online memberships.

    How can I speak to a Fastweb operator?

    192 193 The call is free from the Fastweb network (both fixed and mobile networks). If you want to be contacted directly by our Customer Service, we invite you to access Fastweb Support from your Customer Area and after choosing the topic you can book a re-contact.

    How much does it cost to switch from Wind to Fastweb?

    € 7,95 Offers Switch to Fastweb Fixed Network: Rates and times. Switch to Fastweb Mobile with the € 7,95 Offer! ... Switch to Fastweb Mobile: 90 GB, Unlimited Minutes and 100 SMS for € 7,95 / month.
    Name and CostFeatures
    Fastweb NeXXt Business €33,95 + YESSpeed ​​up to 2,5 Giga; Modem included 12

    Which internet is cheaper?

    1. Fastweb NeXXt Casa + Eni at € 19,95 per month. The best home Internet offer in terms of convenience among those available in August 2021 is the Fastweb NeXXt Casa + Eni promotion, or the home Internet connection of the Fastweb operator to which a electricity and gas supply with Eni is combined.

    How to request a NeXXt Fastweb modem?

    For those who are already Fastweb customers, with an active Internet home subscription, it is possible to request the new Fastweb NeXXt at a cost of 49 euros through the customer area or the My Fastweb app or by contacting the provider's customer service.

    How is the Fastweb mobile network?

    Fastweb Mobile uses the 4G network of WindTre and TIM to offer customers the maximum experience. Fastweb is currently involved in the construction of its new 5G mobile network in collaboration with WindTre, aiming to cover almost the entire national territory by 2025.

    Which managers rely on Wind?

    Virtual operators that rely on the WindTre network
    • VeryMobile (ESP MVNO)
    • PosteMobile (Full MVNO)
    • Spusu (Full MVNO)
    • NV mobile (ESP MVNO)
    • UniMoble (ATR)
    • Green Telecommunications (ATR)
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