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    What does the expression "throw smoke in the eyes" mean?

    What does the expression "throw smoke in the eyes" mean?

    What does the expression "throw smoke in the eyes" mean?

    To be very unwelcome, to irritate, to annoy, just like the smoke in the eyes, which makes them red and tearful.

    What does it mean to throw dust in your eyes?

    Blurring reality in the eyes of another through illusions and falsehoods. ... The expression comes from the Latin saying: “Pulverem oculis offundere”.

    What does it mean to be all smoke and no roast?

    With the expression all smoke and no roast, we want to point out when someone makes a lot of "noise" but in the end does not conclude anything in concrete; it is very BLA BLA BLA and little action.

    What does one have to throw in to challenge someone?

    Discard the glove. To challenge, and to pick up the glove means to accept the challenge.

    What does the smoke symbolize?

    In all cultures, smoking has always been associated with the image of the relationship between Heaven and Earth and it is precisely this subtle atmosphere that envelops us, calms us, relaxes us, removes stress, because it proposes in this sense the primary experience of gratification. of the baby attached to the mother's breast.

    What does it mean to go off the cuff?

    not all speakers speak "off the cuff", that is, without reading a written text. ... Hence, it seems, comes the way of saying "go off the cuff" / "speak off the cuff" which means to do something in an imprecise manner, therefore to speak in an approximate way, not having a written text.

    Why is it called a gauntlet?

    The ancient knights threw a glove to challenge those who, picking it up, accepted the challenge to a duel. For this reason it is also called "Pick up the glove".

    What are gauntlets?

    The novelty of this year is the introduction of challenge gloves that can be launched by both professors and students (usually, however, by professors), themed challenges between teams to be played in the Saturday episodes. Gloves can be accepted or not accepted.

    What harm does smoking do?

    Smoking increases blood pressure, accelerates atherosclerosis, hindering blood circulation in blood vessels and increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Circulatory problems caused by smoking can lead to: impotence in humans, mental decline and premature aging of the skin.

    What does it mean, watch out for the stop?

    CLOSE A EYE - Someone has made a mistake, but you prefer to ignore it. Well, turn a blind eye, that is, exactly, pretend it didn't happen! EXAMPLE: Mom said she turns a blind eye this time, but the next time she finds this mess, she takes our computer away.

    What does live eyes mean?

    Clear and alive eyes indicate a condition of general good vitality of the individual, while dull or blurred eyes indicate psychic problems that have been present for a long time. ... The left eye emits light (Shen) into the world (like the sun), so it expresses something internal (intrinsic).

    What does it mean to speak off the cuff?

    The speaker who speaks off the cuff, that is, without reading a text prepared beforehand, is lacking, in a certain sense, of 'measure', that is to say of 'length of time' as the arm indicates (goes), precisely, a 'approximate measure'.

    What does it mean to drop your arms?

    Whenever one is disheartened, discouraged, depressed or disappointed by something or someone, the expression "my arms have fallen" is used, an image so curious, but which immediately gives the idea of ​​the state of mind in which Yes is. There are no reliable data on the origin of this idiom.

    What is the challenge?

    Race, competition: make a s .; win, lose the s. 3 fig. Provocation: a glance of self.
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