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    What does Sandra Milo's boyfriend do?

    What does Sandra Milo's boyfriend do?

    What does Sandra Milo's boyfriend do?

    He is an entrepreneur, he has restaurants, catering, hotels ”. Between Sandra Milo and Alessandro it was love at first sight, their first meeting took place in Venice and Milo was immediately struck by his kindness: "I was very impressed by her being a knight of other times" .

    Who is Sandra Milo's husband?

    Cesare Rodighieros. 1948–1948 Sandra Milo / Husband Her stormy love life, her fifteen-year-old wedding with the Marquis Cesare Rodighiero in 1948 (lasting 21 days), her eleven-year relationship with Moris Ergas (from which Deborah, a television journalist was born) and a subsequent union with Ottavio De Lollis (with the birth of Ciro and then of Azzurra), ...

    Who were Sandra Milo's men?

    Cesare Rodighiero, Moris Ergas, Ottavio De Lollis and Jorge Ordonez: husbands, boyfriends and children of Sandra Milo.

    How many do Sandra Milo have?

    88 years () Sandra Milo / Age

    Who is Alessandro Rosato?

    Alessandro Rorato is the boyfriend of Sandra Milo who has become famous for being the secret partner of the famous actress until very recently. The woman will be a guest again today at Domenica In, where she was also last week, speaking during Paolo Fox's 2021 horoscope.

    When did Sandra Milo get married?

    1948 (Cesare Rodighiero) Sandra Milo / Wedding dates

    Who is the father of Ciro De Lollis?

    Ottavio De Lollis Ciro De Lollis / Fathers

    Who are Sandra Milo's children?

    Ciro De Lollis Deborah SinceAzzurra De Lollis Sandra Milo/Figli

    Where was Sandra Milo born?

    Tunis, Tunisia Sandra Milo / Place of birth

    How old is Sandra Milo?

    88 years () Sandra Milo / Age

    Who is Vanessa Ceccarini?

    Vanessa Ceccarini and Flavio, are the wife and son of Ciro De Lollis, son of Sandra Milo and Ottavio De Lollis: a love blessed by the actress herself.

    Who is Sandra Milo's daughter?

    Deborah Ergas Azzurra De Lollis Sandra Milo / Daughters

    What job does Sandra Milo's daughter do?

    Debora Ergas, born in Milan in 1963, has been a professional journalist since 2001 and lives in Rome. The daughter of Sandra Milo is, in fact, a well-known face of the show "La vita live" broadcast on Rai 1, where she plays the role of correspondent. On her Twitter profile she describes herself as follows: “Transparent and very, very stubborn.

    Where was the Cardinal born?

    La Goletta, Tunisia Claudia Cardinale / Place of birth

    What programs did Sandra Milo make?

    Bang Bang KidGwenda
    FOR LOVE ... FOR MAGIC ...Algisa

    How tall was Sandra Milo?

    1,7 m Sandra Milo / Height

    How old is Ciro De Lollis the son of Sandra Milo?

    Ciro De Lollis was born in 1968. We only know that today he is 52 or 53 years old and that his father is Ottavio De Lollis. Ciro is the first child Milo had with De Lollis. But he is, by far, the second child of the actress. Before him, Debora Ergas was born.

    What is Sandra Milo's daughter doing?

    Deborah Ergas Azzurra De Lollis Sandra Milo / Daughters

    How many children does Sandra Milo have?

    Ciro De Lollis Deborah SinceAzzurra De Lollis Sandra Milo/Figli

    What origins does Claudia Cardinale have?

    Born as Claude Josephine Rose Cardinal in La Goletta, Tunisia, on April 15, 1938, she has parents of Sicilian origin (her paternal grandparents were traders from Gela who then moved to Tunis, when the city was still under the French protectorate, while the maternal grandparents had a construction company ...
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