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    What does Repleta bladder mean?

    What does Repleta bladder mean?

    What does Repleta bladder mean?

    If the bladder is poorly completed, recesses form within which small vegetations can remain squeezed and not be seen. If the bladder is empty, it becomes impossible to study the characteristics of the walls, such as the thickness, the presence of vegetations and diverticula.

    What does bladder growth mean?

    It is an increase in the cell layers of the urothelium; it has a reactive-irritative significance without relation to tumor processes. It is a rare benign neoformation in the form of thin ramifications (papillae), sometimes also called inverse, which does not reproduce after removal.

    How is bladder ultrasound done?

    The sonographer applies a conductive gel on the abdomen that is used to slide the ultrasound probe and to eliminate the air between the skin and the probe. Bladder ultrasound is then performed transabdominally (or suprapubic), ie by placing the probe on the patient's abdomen.

    How is the bladder made?

    The bladder has a spherical shape and is composed of an outer wall about half a centimeter thick and made up of two layers. The internal one, which comes into contact with urine, is mucous and rich in ridges, while the external one is made up of smooth muscle tissue whose contraction causes urine to escape.

    What does endoluminal mean?

    biological of lume]. - In medicine, which concerns the lumen of a hollow organ or which is located in this or develops or is placed (in the case of diagnostic and therapeutic structures): presence e. of parasites; instillation e. of medicated liquids.

    How to prepare for a complete urinary tract ultrasound?

    Preparation rules
    1. Show up with a full bladder, do not urinate, that is, in the 2 hours prior to the exam (e.g. exam at 11.00, last urine at 9.00)
    2. To perform the exam it is necessary to drink a liter of water in the hour before the exam (e.g. exam at 11.00, taken from 10.00 to 11.00)

    What is urinary tract ultrasound used for?

    The renal / urinary tract ultrasound is used to study renal volume and morphology, and to identify the presence of any organic pathologies, such as malformations, cysts, tumors, stones. In the case of renal colic it is often possible to document the presence and location of ureteral stones.
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