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    What does questioning mean?

    What does questioning mean?

    What does questioning mean?

    It simply means that your application has been correctly received by INPS but is still waiting to be processed.

    What does an investigation not yet carried out mean?

    Preliminary investigation not yet carried out Citizenship Income This information specifies that the application submitted is not yet being processed, most likely because it has recently been entered.

    How long does the INPS investigation last?

    Usually a few days go by, at most 10 days. If you have not received payment after 10 days, I recommend that you ask the INPS contact center for an explanation on the toll-free number 803164.

    What do you mean your question was educated?

    The application is awaiting investigation by the office. The subsequent processing status will be "educated".

    What does Inps acquired demand mean?

    When the application is accepted by INPS, the status of the application will change to ACQUIRED. This means that the application is waiting to be processed. The management of these applications is processed by the automatic Central System and is not the responsibility of the individual officials of the individual INPS offices.

    What does it mean that a question is Instructable?

    Carlo Sandomenico received means that the INPS has correctly received your application and therefore can be instructed to be processed which means that the documents are affixed.

    What is the preliminary investigation?

    instructory sf [from adj. ... investigation phase]. - In sworn language. and forensics, the phase of the process in which the judicial authority carries out all the acts necessary for the instruction of the process itself: the case is still in i .; the accused was acquitted during the preliminary investigation.

    How is the investigation calculated?

    The first cost to take into consideration is the preliminary investigation costs, these have an amount that varies from 0,50% to 1% of the loan amount. Some banks prefer to apply them at a fixed rate and usually range between 180 euros and 300 euros.
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