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    What does plant residue in feces mean?

    What does plant residue in feces mean?

    What does plant residue in feces mean?

    The significant presence of undigested muscle fibers or vegetable fibers in the stool occurs in case of diarrhea, pancreatic insufficiency or poor chewing or imbalance in the bacterial flora that cannot completely digest the fibers that are introduced with food.

    When are there white pieces in the stool?

    The coprolites are formed following the stagnation in the intestinal lumen of the feces, which therefore are not expelled and on which inorganic salts are deposited which cause their hardening and calcification.

    How does fiber appear in stool?

    In the feces there are often plant residues, residues of muscle fibers from meat, fruit seeds and pollen that we ingest with food. If they float, gas is trapped; if they immediately go to the bottom of the toilet it is because they have the consistency of feces rich in meat protein residues. Then there is the smell.

    What is the chemical-physical examination of feces for?

    The qualitative chemical-physical examination of feces is a generic examination, scarcely indicative compared to more specific tests that may be required for the search for parasites, occult blood, evaluation of the digestive and absorption capacity of the intestine.

    Why are stool tests done?

    Copro-culture allows to detect - in the stool sample - the presence of bacteria responsible for gastrointestinal infections. Macroscopic (analyzing color, smell, consistency), chemical and microbiological evaluations will be carried out on the fecal sample, in search of any bacteria.

    What long in the stool?

    The ribbon-like stools could be due to a mass present in the last part of the intestine, therefore at the level of the colon or rectum, which, by narrowing the diameter of the intestine, limits the size of the stool which loses its cylindrical appearance.
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