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    What does P LCR mean?

    What does P LCR mean?

    What does P LCR mean?

    P-LCR:% of large platelets. MPV expresses the analytical mean of platelet volumes (there is no normal MPV, but normal MPV for that number of platelets); the slower the platelet production rate, the lower the MPV.

    What does low PDW mean?

    When the PDW is low, it means that the platelets are uniform in size. Reduced values ​​are therefore not associated with medical problems and / or pathological consequences.

    When are platelets considered low?

    When the body is healthy, there are between 150 and 300 platelets in circulation for every millionth of a liter of blood. When it falls below 150 thousand units, we speak of thrombocytopenia or low platelets.

    What is MPV in the blood?

    MPV stands for Mean platelet volume - mean platelet volume; in practice, therefore, this parameter tells us how large our platelets are on average: the higher the MPV, the greater the average platelet size.
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