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    What does NNW wind mean?

    What does NNW wind mean?

    What does NNW wind mean?

    Mistral. It is the wind coming from the North-West (NW). It blows from a direction of 315 °. The name derives from the fact that the ships coming from the North-West, looking at the wind rose from Malta, come from Rome, ie they follow the ancient "main road" of trade.

    What is the name of the wind that comes from the west north-west?

    Mistral (from North-West) The conditions in which it can occur are different but all derive from the descent of cold air of polar origin which descends towards the low latitudes.

    How do you know where the wind is coming from?

    Wind is air in motion. When you notice the wind, can you tell which direction it's coming from? A simple and safe method is to wet the finger (maybe putting it in the mouth, if it is clean though…). Your moistened finger will immediately feel where the coolness of the wind is coming from.

    How to tell if the wind is strong?

    - an arrow with a long line (called full flag) describes a wind that blows with an intensity between 6 and 10 knots, ie between 10 and 19 km / h; - an arrow with a solid triangle (called flagpole) indicates a wind with an intensity between 46 and 50 knots, ie between 84 and 96 km / h.

    Why is the wind called Tramontana?

    according to some, the name derives from the Latin phrase intra montes or trans montes (ie beyond the mountains) referring to the fact that it flows from the heart of the Alps, that is, from the north historically known by the Romans.

    What is the name of the north-east wind?

    The direction of the wind is instead identified by the cardinal point from which it comes: so the Tramontana or Borea blows from the north, the Greco or Grecale from the north-east, the Levante from the east, the Scirocco from the south-east, the south wind Austro od Ostro, Libeccio from south-west, Ponente from west and Maestro or Mistral from north-west (the ...

    What does W mean in the winds?

    The Rose of the Winds is a schematic star representation that depicts the names of the winds by associating them with their direction of origin. ... The South (S) placed at 180 ° from which the wind called Mezzogiorno or Ostro blows; • the West (W) placed at 270 ° from which the wind called Ponente blows.
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