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    What does ND exams mean?

    What does ND exams mean?

    What does ND exams mean?

    means "not available", try to contact prof.

    What does ND Inps mean?

    When an application submitted to INPS, for pensions, Isee or other types, is ND, i.e. not defined or under investigation, it means that the application has been correctly sent to INPS but has not yet been taken over for processing and has yet to be examined.

    What does the abbreviation na mean?

    1 not applicable NA (not applicable). 2 not available NA, na (not available).

    What does a pension in process mean?

    If your request is being processed, it means that INPS is verifying all the requirements and the Institute will provide an outcome of the application as soon as possible.

    What does na correspond to?

    In chemistry, Na can be used to: indicate the chemical symbol for sodium. ... Briefly: sodium is one of the most abundant and widespread chemical elements in nature; in the elementary state it is a light solid, shiny with pink reflections when freshly cut, at low melting temperature, soft and malleable.

    What does not apply mean?

    "NA" (not applicable) indicates that the exercise of the option is not possible or that the option does not exist.

    What does the definitive liquidation of the Inps service mean?

    PHASE "I" - IN DEFINITIVE LIQUIDATION This indicates that the definitive liquidation is in progress, as the application is complete with all the documentation necessary for the settlement.

    How to check the status of the pension application?

    You can view the status of the application by accessing, with your credentials, the section of the INPS website: Pension application, reconstitution, accruals, ecocert, Ape social and early benefits / My questions. To ask for explanations, you can contact the call center or use the Inps Answers web service.

    What does in process result mean?

    If your application is being processed, it means that an INPS employee is working on it and that you will soon know whether it has been accepted or rejected. Usually when the application is at this point within a few days (maximum ten) the applicant knows the outcome.
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