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    What does middle class property mean?

    What does middle class property mean?

    What does middle class property mean?

    The class of the property must be estimated on the basis of its degree of finish in relation to the buildings in the same area. This means that if in a certain municipality I have a house with medium finishes compared to other buildings, I will have to assign a middle class (eg cadastral class 3 out of 6 available).

    What is classification?

    If we take the definition of classification in technical language it would be: "To assign to each urban real estate unit or portion of land consisting of a cadastral parcel, the category and the class of competence to which it belongs", more specifically it would be to assign to the real estate units ...

    How is automatic classification done?

    In general, the automatic classification, detecting the presence of a court, assigns category A / 7 to these real estate units. Another particular case are the agricultural annexes which, in consideration of the isolated location and the modest finishes, have a minimal urban value.

    How is the automatic Docfa classification done?

    by clicking on the subordinate to enter the automatic classification, the window will open in which it asks you to enter for the building, of each cadastral category present, the one that has the highest class.

    What does class a 3 mean?

    A / 3 - Economic housing. Real estate units belonging to buildings with economic characteristics both for the materials used and for the finishing, and with technological systems limited to the indispensable ones. A / 4 - Popular dwellings.
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