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    What does marbling mean in medicine?

    What does marbling mean in medicine?

    What does marbling mean in medicine?

    Livedo reticularis is a skin manifestation characterized by mottled discoloration, in which cyanotic blue-reddish patches take on a net-like conformation around areas of normal skin.

    What does Marezzo mean?

    mareżżato adj. [part. pass. ... - [with streaks, veins: marbled fabric] ≈ marbled, moiré, mottled, streaked, variegated, veined.

    What does it mean marbled mucosa?

    [ma-rez-zà-to] adj. Which has streaks: fabric m .; in particular, said of the fur of an animal that has patches of different colors: coat m.

    What does marbled skin mean?

    On the legs and arms, as well as on the body, purple streaks (marbling) appear, a sign that circulation is reduced to a minimum. The skin can be sweaty and cold.

    What does marbled silk mean?

    adj. variegated, streaked: fabric, marbled silk | marbled coat, animal fur in different colored patches.

    What is Mariolo?

    - Rogue, swindler, swindler, deceiver: the leader of a whole gang of latchers, and rogues, which has been haunting London for many years (Mazzini).

    What symptoms does Helicobacter cause?

    Acute infection can cause nausea or vomiting, even of short duration, while chronic infection can remain asymptomatic for a long time or present the typical symptoms of gastritis or ulcer: heartburn, gastric pain, digestive difficulties, dyspepsia, aerogastria , heartburn, belching, loss of appetite, ...
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