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    What does it mean to get a date of birth tattoo?

    What does it mean to get a date of birth tattoo?

    What does it mean to get a date of birth tattoo?

    Shared dates and family memories In fact, tattoos for important dates can also be drawn on less visible parts of the body, especially if your goal is to remember a beautiful moment related to the family, from the wedding to the birth of your child.

    Where to do Roman numeral tattoo?

    Roman numeral date tattooed on the chest The chest is the ideal area for doing large tattoos. It is close to the heart, which is very important if you choose a personal and meaningful design.

    Where to get a woman number tattooed?

    Women's forearm number tattoo So, one more reason why women opt for this area of ​​the body to show off a tattoo. In addition to being the most requested, the forearm tattoo is the one that is most suitable for lettering with letters and numbers.

    Where to do tattoo meaning?

    For example, tattooing on the chest is a symbol of love and affection, on the forearm it is a representation of strength, while on the shoulders it emphasizes the end of a phase of one's life now behind us, forgotten.

    What tattoo to make woman?

    The back, the shoulder blades and the spine are best suited for elegant, sinuous, delicate and symmetrical tattoos inspired, for example, by nature or by engraving writings. The arm, the forearm, the inner bicep are suitable for showing off large female tattoos.

    What is the meaning of tattooing a woman?

    Female tattoos tell and indicate a woman's identity and experiences; each part of the tattooed body, although a personal meaning is attributed to each symbol or design, sometimes suggests aspects of a woman's personality that are not very evident.

    Why does a woman get tattooed?

    The reasons why a person decides to get a tattoo can also be aesthetic and to mark the crossing of a border from which there is no turning back. ... The tattoo often becomes a sexual symbol, an indication of a beautiful body ready for the joys of love.
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